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pure colostrum milk soap bar SWEET VANILLA



– Creamy cow colostrum milk
& pure natural oil, giving you the long lasting moisture &
freshness. our product is completely organic and it is perfect for
sensitive skins !

– no worries, no animals were harmed during the production of the soaps. and it is also perfectly wrapped in an eco-friendly packagings. save the turtles !

soaps are gently scented with variants of essential oils such as rose
pure extracts oils. This sweet vanilla scent will sweeten up your day ! wohoo

Suitable for hand soap, body wash, and a face wash. they are friendly
for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin or dermatitis. Based
on research, Colostrum have their lactoferin that are able to exert anti-inflammatory when applied to the skin surface.

-colostrum provides inside out healing benefits which are safe and natural. It also works for anti-aging benefits !

Colostrum milk that we used are self produced from our own dairy farm.
And they are maintained in a very supporting environment and good